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Anorexic Process - a somatic and relational approach.

Presentation at the AAGT-conference in Toronto, August 14-19, 2018.



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In anorexia, the strict bodily-control is an attempt to create a background of reliable personal- and interpersonal support. This gives a sense of agency, however the capacity to feel oneself in relation becomes dulled. 

This presentation will explore how a relational-and somatic approach can support our understanding of the anorexic process. We will attend to the importance of feeling ourselves with the client, and thereby opening a pathway for them to live in their body. In feeling them we are feeling the world in which they live. 

Participants will be invited to explore themselves in relation to others through movement. This will give a felt sense of their lived body that’s different from a more observing and evaluating stance (body-as-object), the common process for a person with anorexia.