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Ruella Frank: The genesis of intergenerational trauma. A somatic and developmental approach.

  • Stockholm. To be announced (map)

 For Registraion: Popova Rezeda:

According to the traditional psychological perspective on the development of trauma in the first years of a baby’s life, the parent initiates what is thought to become a habitual traumatic reaction in the child. Consequently, the baby reacts to the parent in ways that are rigid and repetitive.  This understanding of developmental trauma, however, does not take into consideration the relational dynamics that are part and parcel of any organizing experience.

Observing baby and parent interactions from a relational and contextual perspective and through micro-movements, it can be seen how baby’s behaviors also can powerfully impact their parent and generate the threat of a re-traumatizing experience for them.

This four-day workshop will center on the kinds of dysfunctional interaction patterns of both baby and parent that develop into patterns of traumatic attaching and demonstrate the genesis of intergenerational trauma. Special emphasis will be placed on how early forming and maladaptive psychophysical patterns are expressed within the adult client-therapist relationship.

As patterns of intergenerational trauma are developed within relationship, they also must be attended to within a relational frame in the here-and-now. Participants will deepen their clinical understanding in the diagnosis and treatment of traumatic attaching patterns as they emerge within the therapy dyad.

Ruella Frank, Ph.D., has been exploring early infant movements and their relationship to the adult since the mid-1970s.

She brings many years of experience to her work as a gestalt psychotherapist — as a professional dancer, yoga practitioner/teacher, student of various movement theories, and student of Laura Perls, co-founder of gestalt therapy.


Participation to the workshop: $700

Early bird: registration before Jan. 12th, 2019: $600 

If cancellation happens after Jan. 11th, 2019 50% of your registration fees will be kept for administrative charges.

After Apr. 11thregistration fees do not return.  

Registraion: Popova Rezeda: